Welcome to Purchasing

2016 Award Winner NPI  Achievement of Excellence in Procurement

Mission and Vision

The Sonoma County Junior College District Purchasing and Warehouse operation is to be recognized by Customers for delivering exceptional value-added results by being an organization committed to a cost-effective, value-added service that leverages the College's spending power and common work practices to deliver the lowest total cost of acquisition and best supplier performance.

The Department will pursue superior Customer service and ensure Customers are aware that we have provided value and met or exceeded all their expectations and business requirements. Each individual in our department is responsible for adopting a "Helpful Attitude" approach to customer service, product delivery, and representing the District.

Building Customer relationships are vital to achieving the departmental goals. This includes ensuring the Customer is thoroughly supported, kept informed at all times, and that we understand the Customer's expectations, meet those expectations, and manage the purchasing process to those expectations.

Department Goals

  1. Maximize customer satisfaction.
  2. Conduct efficient and effective procurement processes in compliance with college policy and applicable statutes.
  3. Ensure effective and supportive relationships with our customers.
  4. Provide education and guidance to all departments relating to the procurement process.
  5. Promote a positive work atmosphere.
  6. Promote fair and ethical business practices with departments and vendors.