Records Managment Process

The State of California requires every state agency to establish Records Retention Schedules. Purchasing manages the storage, retrieval, and destruction of the District’s archived records. California Community Colleges Title 5 Regulations: Retention and Destruction of Records Section 59020. 

Archive Records Requests for New Records

Departments who need to store records can request recycled boxes from the Warehouse. If there are no boxes available, boxes will need to be procured by Purchasing with a requisition. To request archive records storage, departments submit a Records Archive and Destruction Requests Form to Purchasing. Please include the Destroy Date on the form and a clear description of the contents. The Warehouse will assign a box number and pick up the archived records box(s).

Purchasing maintains a hard copy file of all original Records Archive and Destruction Requests Forms along with a master spreadsheet.

Archive Records Requests for Existing Records

Departments can request delivery of existing records by e-mailing the Warehouse. When it is time to return the records to storage, pick-up can be scheduled by e-mailing the Warehouse.

Archived Records Destruction

On an annual basis, archived records are destroyed on the anniversary of the archived records destruction date. Records destruction approvals forms are submitted to each department for signature. Archive records destruction requires approved by the Board of Trustees.