Credit Card Purchasing Program (CAL-CARD)

The college utilizes the Cal- Card credit card program for small dollar purchases.  Staff may apply for a credit card upon supervisory approval.  Applications are processed by US Bank and a credit card is mailed to the staff member.

*VP Approval is currently needed to to request new Cal-Cards.

Spend limits are determined by an analysis of the department’s expenditures.

When procuring goods or services charged to a 5000 or 6000 object code, staff are also required to input a requisition in the Escape system and include the vendor’s W9.

All employees are required to submit a monthly procurement card purchase report to accounts payable inclusive of receipts and approval by their supervisor. You may do so online using Chrome River.

5.8.8P Procurement Card Procedure

Items that will not be purchased regardless of my Procurement Card Merchant Activity Code:

  • Computer Equipment (PC’s, laptops, printers, etc.)

  • Computer software

  • Communications Equipment (radios, telephone or fax equipment)

  • Cellular telephones, accessories, or services

  • Building Maintenance Items

  • Office Furniture

  • Space Heaters

  • Portable Fans

  • Gasoline & Diesel Fuel (only in an emergency)

  • Television, Monitors and VCR’s

  • Capital Equipment

  • Meals & Entertainment see Board Policy 5.8.7

  • Travel, Car Rentals, and Lodging - Cal Card may be used if a Travel Request has been approved to allow for the use of the Cal Card for reservations and expenses

  • Payments related to an existing contract or Purchase Order

  • Copying or printing services   

  • Individual memberships to wholesale clubs such as Costco

Contact Purchasing for questions related to the above items, if the selected vendor does not accept purchase orders